Condo BBQ 1 Burner

Condo BBQ 1 Burner
Condo BBQ 1 Burner

Condo BBQ 1 Burner

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Cooking system comprises of a 1 main stainless steel burner with electronic ignition system.
The Condo is manufactured from high grade stainless steel making it very long lasting, strong and stable. It is compact and it is suited to be mounted within a small space such as a balcony or small garden. The Condo is suited to be mounted on a bench or table, there is also a separate table which clamps onto a balcony rail and is used to support the base. The Condo is compact and portable making it easy to be moved to other locations such as your local park or beach to have a gathering with family or friends. The Condo is also very easy to clean and has a drip tray that collects all the oils and fats during cooking which simplifies cleaning. An electric ignition button ensures the BBQ is safe for use and is a preferred way to start it. There are 4 fold down legs on the Condo which makes it compact for storage.


Stainless steel lid and body, Cast-iron cooking plate and grill, separate stainless steel table, removable drip tray for any oils and fats, built in stainless steel lid thermometer.


Dimensions with lid closed and legs folded out length 450mm width 300mm



   1 stainless steel Burners

   Drip tray holder

   Drip plate

   Base plate

   Deflector plate support

   Separate Table mount

   4 fold down legs

   Punch plate

   Cooking Plate and Grill

   Lid Hinge



   Temperature gauge

   Door handle

   Gas regulator


Safety Procedures

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